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How it works

How to add a referal

FAQ and terms:

1. How do I notify Zazeen TV of my referrals?

Sign into the Zazeen Client Panel by clicking on the Sign In link at www.zazeen.com and entering your username (Client Code) and password. Click on the Referral List button in the top-left corner of the page, click on the Add Referral button, enter the MAC address found on the bottom of your friend's set-top-box and click ADD. Once your friend has been with Zazeen TV for 60 days, you will get FREE TV (excluding equipment rentals and add-ons, to a maximum of $60.00 off) on your next invoice.

2. How many friends do I need to refer in order to get FREE TV all the time?

Sign up 5 friends and you will get FREE TV each month as long as you and all 5 friends remain a customer of Zazeen TV! (Free TV is to a maximum of $60.00)

3. What happens if I cancel my TV service then come back? Do I still keep the same referrals and get a discount?

No. You need to remain a customer of Zazeen TV in order to qualify for the referral program. If you cancel service and then return, you will no longer receive the discount.

4. What happens if I have referred 5 friends and one cancels their Zazeen TV service?

You will no longer have FREE TV unless you refer another friend. All 5 of your referrals must remain a customer of Zazeen TV in order for you to have FREE TV. (Free TV is to a maximum of $60.00)

5. If I refer 6 or more friends do I get another $60.00 off my service?

No. Once you sign up 5 friends your television service is FREE. There is a maximum limit of the referral discount of $60.00, therefore you will not receive an additional discount if you refer more than 5 friends.

6. My friend signed up for the Skinny Basic plan and I have a bundle. Will I still get the $60.00 off?

Currently, the FREE TV program does not work on bundled (TV+Internet) plans. We are working on changing that and will be making an announcement as soon as it's ready. The maximum amount of $60.00 will remain.

7. My friend signed up more than 60 days ago. Can I still add them as a referral?

You can only add recent accounts, that have been with us for 60 days or less as new referrals.