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Watch video demos, tutorials & learn new features that come with your IPTV package! Presenting TV guides, set up instructions, recording instructions & more.

Personal Video Recorder

Zazeen's Personal Digital Video Recording (DVR) allows subscribers to record content on a set-top box with local storage. Subscribers can then access the recorded content at their convenience. Record up to two shows while watching a third show, Trick-play (Rewind, Fast-forward, Pause), Time, event and series recording and much more.

Comprehensive User Settings

Subscribers enjoy a broad range of controls throughout their television experience. They can select screen themes, enable channel blocking or on-screen Caller ID. Subscribers can also set parental controls, set up and manage multiple user accounts and enable the sharing of rented assets among multiple users.

TV Guide Overview

Consumers are looking for more features and functionality in their TV viewing. Zazeen offers a compelling user interface which offers more control over your television viewing and the best in class UI. Zazeen strives to deliver a personalized TV viewing experience. Want to customize your channel choices? You can with Zazeen's intuitive guide.

HD Digital Box Unboxing

Detailed unboxing and complete feature walkthrough of Zazeen's Set Top Box - including In this video clip, we'll pull all of the peripherals out of the box. So what's inside the box? The latest (and not yet released) goodies. Including SPDIF Audio, HDMI Cable, S-Video Cable, TV remote, Ethernet Cable and even batteries.

How to use Parental Controls

You can use Parental Controls to help manage what your children view. For example, you can set limits on the chanels that your children can view. There are two ways to block programs: By Channel and by By Rating. Setting up parental controls on Zazeen's set-top boxes is easy. Just follow the steps above.

Format and Setup a Hard Drive - Entone

Setting Up a Hard Disk Drive with Zazeen's Entone Set Top Box. Step 1– Connect your external hard drive to the Set Top Box. Step 2 – Formatting your Hard Disk All data that was previously stored on your Hard Disk will be erased. Please just follow the steps in the online video above. You can also visit our community for more information.